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Pearson have opportunities for teachers to become GCE & GCSE Arabic Examiners
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Learn a foreign language online with our personal online language tuition, lessons, tutoring & corporate training services which are available in French, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Turkish, Russian, Greek, Latin, Swedish, Bulgarian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Norwegian, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali, Sylheti, Tamil, Nepali & other foreign languages. Learn for conversation, business or exams. Online tuition, lessons & tutoring services are also available in Maths, English, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) & other school subjects (see www.a-ztuition.co.uk).

This online language tuition consists of assigning you your own personal online tutor, teacher or trainer who will devise a course of lessons to meet your foreign language objectives, whether they be conversation, business, exams or otherwise. This online tuition, tutoring & training is undertaken by various means of online communication, such as Skype, MSN & email. Face-to-face tuition & contact by telephone are also available with the online tutor, teacher or trainer.

Some people find our online language tuition, tutoring, training and lessons a more flexible and cost-effective way to learn a foreign language for conversation, business or exams. They appreciate the convenience of being able to learn exactly when they have the time or inclination and not being tied down by a fixed lesson time.

For all online language tuition services with an online tutor, teacher or trainer in French, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Swedish, Bulgarian, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian, Urdu, Hindi, Nepali, Tamil, Sylheti, Bengali & other foreign languages, please contact us with your exact requirements.